The Top 5 Yoga Studios of Sydney

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For businessmen and women alike, yoga is not just about physical fitness, and that is what differs it from other fitness practices for office workers. It calms the flow of your soul as well as the body. The physical benefits of yoga include muscle toning, weight reduction, increased muscle flexibility, improved energy, etc. 

Yoga also helps in achieving a balanced metabolism. It improves the respiration rate and lowers blood pressure. 

Moreover, yoga would help to detoxify your mind from the stresses and tensions of a very hectic life, hence why it’s even used in modern leadership development programs to help build good soul-feeding habits.


If you are new to Sydney and in search of a good yoga studio, here are the top five yoga studios in Sydney:


In Yoga Studio is located on Level 2, 137 Devonshire street of Surry Hills. They offer different types of well-being programs and membership plans, including daily classes. The studio is curated by Nicole Walsh and Rod Galbraith. These two are from opposite ends of the yogic spectrum; Rod’s yoga is based on classic and traditional India based yoga education while Nicole’s yoga is of a contemporary style. Nicole is one of the most respected yoga teachers in Sydney with over an experience of 18+ years. And this diversity makes their studio one of the best in town.

If you are looking for a wonderfully unique and diverse yoga experience, this is the right place for you.

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This leading yoga coaching group has a studio in Sydney as well as Melbourne. The studio in Sydney is developed from a 1930s warehouse. It is located at 34 Kellet Street in New South Wales. This is an award-winning yoga centre. The studio is curated to elevate the everyday routines of individuals. They provide a mixture of traditional yoga practices in a contemporary style.

The One Hot yoga studios are well equipped with advanced heating systems and rain showers. You would get an elevated spiritual and ritual experience here with quality services.


Modo Yoga Studio is located in Mentmore & Morley Avenues of Mezzanine in New South Wales. They have some affordable packages to try out. You would get an Intro Month Pass giving access to unlimited yoga classes for a month at just $50. And after that, you can buy an AIR Package at a rate of $125 per month.

This yoga studio is curated by a group of students of their love for yoga. The studio runs many workshops in which its members would get discounts. Being a member of Modo Yoga Studio, you would also get discounts at several local cafes and shops.


Be One Yoga Studio is located at Suite 2 of 20 Hargrave Street. The studio aims at creating a positive change in the lives of different individuals. You can go for a trial yoga class for just $59. They are running a wide variety of different yoga sessions including Hot Hatha, Non-heated Vinyasa, Hot Flow, Non-Heated Yin, etc.…

They also run different workshops and teacher training courses. This yoga studio was founded by the senior yoga teacher Dom Nguyen.


This fitness studio is located on Level 1 of Castlereagh in Sydney. Barre Body Studio offers classes for Barre, Cardio Dance, Power Pilates, Barre Cardio, and Yoga. It is a complete solution to your fitness needs. You can combine these classes and make a package according to the needs of your body.

This is the perfect studio if you are looking for an ultimate destination to tone and shape your body. You would get a trial run with access to unlimited yoga classes for a month at $100. Barre Body also offers certified teacher training courses.

A perfect yoga teaching experience, whether it’s running for coaching highly focused individuals, or group sessions, provides a smoothening effect on your soul as well as the body. It can also be a way into developing leadership capabilities and build trust. Some self-pampering time involving physical activities like yoga is essential in between the hectic hours of your life. Investing time for your health and mind is something you will never regret.