Get a Job From Your Internship

An internship prepares undergraduates for becoming part of the workforce. What university or any other form of tertiary education cannot provide in terms of skills, an internship can teach, including technical skills that can only be acquired in the professional field. Many interns wonder; how can you get a job out of your internship?

The process usually follows a schedule of 1-3 months when completing an internship. This seems like a short time to make an impression. Here’s what you can do to increase your chances of excelling in your role and help to establish a basis for consideration for a job position following completion of the program.

Research the company you are interning at

It is your responsibility to understand what your company does and what its values are. You should make sure you understand your tasks and who to report to if you are having trouble. Go out of your way to do extra, such as create a strategy around workable issues, give a detailed tally and analysis of data, or familiarise yourself with a new project they are currently working on. Once the boss realises you use your downtime to research and learn, you may be seen as somebody who has initiative and who could be a potential asset to the company in the future.

Be professional

Observe everybody and how they conduct themselves in the workplace. In an actual workplace, work ethic and consideration are the main elements of success. These can include non-verbal cues, such as manners in the elevator, the way workers dress and showing courtesy to their leaders. It can also involve verbal cues such as responding to colleagues, the ability to do a presentation, and composing professional emails. As an intern, you will take snippets of these elements to blend in. Take this time to learn how a professional should walk, talk, and think. Deliver on expectations accordingly and appropriately.

Work hard

This is quite self-explanatory. If a leader sees you taking initiative in asking questions and being efficient, you will be highly regarded. Set goals for yourself as to what you could learn every week. Anticipate what else you can do after finishing your tasks. Always be on time, as being late is frowned upon. Graduate internships are very valuable, so do not waste any opportunity you get.

Be positive

You’ll be waiting for the bone to be thrown at you most of the time as an intern. The tasks that everybody likes to avoid will most likely be passed to you. It may include cleaning up a cluttered desk, making the coffee, and running errands for everybody. This is all a part of being new. Remote internships are common for today’s climate, with the Coronavirus crisis causing employees to work from home where possible.

Get to know everyone

One of the best qualities that you can acquire during this training period is learning how to communicate effectively. Many interns are too afraid to voice their opinion and are too afraid to take risks. Some companies may see this as a weakness. Those who cannot speak up about their ideas and opinions are not considered highly. Therefore, be flexible, practice versatility, and stay passionate. You must also respect your superiors and not go against their rules and policies. All of these concepts play a vital role in being a great intern. As an intern, you want to take advantage of every opportunity when doing business, meeting with clients, and representing the company.

Learn every step of the way while you are an intern. Don’t be scared to accept challenges and don’t take unfavourable tasks personally. Take it all as part of your training and advancement. Have a positive outlook on what you do. Treat it as an opportunity to learn and you might just land a job in doing so.