Combining Different Styles In Your Office Interior

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If you are feeling mixed up with a variety of decor styles in your house, then here’s a 3-step process for how you can pull it all together to keep your home feeling coherent, practical, and gorgeous. You can mix and match different decor styles in your office using the tips shared above.

Repeating the same colours across your space can bring together both styles of decoration. A single pattern or pattern used throughout a room can tie the room together and prevent decor from appearing scattered.

Repeating things such as colours, textures, patterns, and materials throughout a room can bring a room together and make different pieces seem intentional. Too much colour can distract you, making every item in your room seem to stand on its own. By being selective and choosing just a couple of colours that appeal to you, rooms across your home will look cohesive, regardless of differences in decor.

I do realize I tend to work with quite a restricted palette, sticking with two or three shades for the variation of tone, but if you are mixing lots of different styles of furniture, you will find the same is easier to achieve. When choosing what style of design you are going to mix, remember you want the furniture to fit together. If you are moving furniture from an older space into the new one, then you have the added challenge of mixing two design styles at once.

If a room is mixing different design styles, while the rest of your home is uber-modern or traditional, then your space may feel disconnected. No matter how large or small the space is in your house, styling it with the right pieces of furniture can be an exhausting, difficult proposition. Add personal preferences to the mix, and you realize how designing and decorating a house can become a seriously challenging endeavour.

Using a few pieces of furniture you enjoy, in an intelligent way, and in combination with each other, no matter what the style, you will have a wonderful, multi-layered, and fascinating home, one that is reflective of you. Stop worrying about making things fit in with your existing decorating style, but rather, blend things together to make a wonderfully layered home that tells your story. For instance, if you are looking to blend contemporary interior design styles with traditional ones, but only having traditional elements on a side of a room will not mesh well with modern elements.

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Many of the modern in office fit outs Melbourne are a mix of traditional styles already, so mixing and matching can make the following main design. Another way of mixing and matching interior design styles is by including natural elements such as wood, brick, and metal in the design.

Many styles share natural elements such as wood, so you can link your themes by choosing styles that incorporate these same elements in their decor. Also, you can select themes that share design elements such as colours, patterns, materials, or any other common thread that you have noticed.

Mixing up the various textures can help you establish an overall space theme, and most importantly, it can add a tactile element to your decor. When mixing up your furniture styles, try to make one thing in common among all your pieces, which will help to give you a cohesive look, while also keeping the space from feeling messy or confusing. Either way, mixing furniture styles is a great way to create a curated look that results in a more interesting and unique space.

If you have matching sets of furniture that you still need to make use of, you can still embrace the mixed-and-matched look by using items from different spaces. If you want to feature several types of wooden furniture in one space–especially a room with wood floors–try to set up a theme or a scheme that helps to connect the individual elements.

Try these tips to effortlessly blend styles and create a room that feels cohesive and cohesive. No matter what styles you want to mix, following some simple rules can help you achieve an impeccable look. For instance, no matter what style, formal pieces tend to blend well with other formal pieces, casuals with casuals, etc.

A general rule when mixing styles is to stick with one colour scheme; it will help to prevent visually overwhelming situations. As a general rule of thumb, follow a simple colour scheme for easy application of the mixed-and-matched styles.

Finding a focal point in a room, measuring for flow, and repeating a design style you love throughout the house are all still applicable to mix-and-match styles. Here are some no-fuss decorating tips that will get you started with mixing styles of furniture.

You can probably find a couch or dining-room set that fits with your primary style of decorating, then dress it up with decorative pillows and lighting that fits into the secondary styles. If you cannot decide yet, try getting all of your large pieces of furniture, as well as keeping the walls and floors a neutral colour, while including some colour in the accent pieces, such as pillows, artwork, and area rugs.

If you want to make your interior design bold, go with a dominant colour, such as blue, or mix black and white. That way, striking colours or heavily patterned pieces of furniture in your room will easily pop.

You have to keep in mind if you choose to mix various styles together in an interior, apply the rule of dominance, wherein one style acts as a primary (decorations, colours, furniture) while the other is used as a secondary one (accessories and decorative objects).

For instance, arts & crafts, which has more simplistic designs, would blend best with modern or Shaker-style furniture, which tends to also have a simpler design. Mixing up the styles of the decor takes a bit of practice, so you would be advised to hire an interior fitout company, that will be able to get your home looking coordinated and balanced with the various styles of the decor.

You can have too much of a good thing; the classic Victorian parlour with its strong colours and intricately carved furniture feels overwhelming, while an individual piece can add a sense of handcraftsmanship and drama to the room if it is surrounded by simpler styles. Mix in a variety of pieces from varying styles and time periods, and you will be able to achieve a general feel that is both intriguing and refreshingly unique.