Maintaining wooden furniture

Wooden chairs

Wood furniture will last for decades and is often looked at as a treasured heirloom. Many pieces of wood furniture will be passed down the generations. The wood furniture will only last a lifetime if it is cared for and maintained properly.
When you purchase wood furniture, make sure that you check with the shop about how to care for the furniture properly and what cleaning chemicals should be used.
If you already have wooden furniture in your home, then make sure you are caring for it the right way with the correct products to ensure that it stays in the best condition possible.

Here are a few tips to help keep your wooden furniture in good condition:

Look after the furniture

When you have hot drinks, ensure that you use a coaster to avoid leaving heat damage rings on the wooden furniture. This is the same for hot plates of food etc. Always put something underneath the items to protect the table. You can always consider using a nice table cloth or even a clear piece of glass, so you are protecting the table but not taking away the wood look.

Avoid environmental damage

Heat and sunlight, along with water, can wreck your wood furniture. If you have valuable wooden furniture, don’t leave it uncovered near vents, fireplaces and windows as the light, heat and water can fade and damage the wood beyond repair.

Indoor furniture

Dust the piece often

It is no secret that many of us don’t like to dust. Unfortunately, dusting is part of the process that needs to be done to keep the wooden furniture looking its best. If dust and debris are left on the wooden furniture, it can scratch the surface and leave it with a horrible build-up that can be hard to remove.

Keeping the wood clean

Dusting isn’t always enough, and your wooden furniture will need to be properly cleaned sometimes. Don’t just use any old cleaner that you have in your cupboard as most of these will damage the finish. If you have a spot that is soiled or sticky use mild dish detergent or a professional wood cleaning agent. Make sure the cloth isn’t dripping wet but just damp and dry it completely afterwards.

Protecting the wood

Many commercial cleaners and polishers are used with silicone oil or petroleum distillates that will help to protect the wood while adding a beautiful shiny finish to the wood. Don’t go overboard and use too much as it can then cause a build-up that can be hard to remove. Make sure that you buff well when you are using the products which can help to prevent a sticky build-up.

Re-oil dry wood

If your furniture is in storage most likely it has gone dry and will need to be re-oiled. You can begin to clean it by using an appropriate cleaner such as Murphy’s oil soap and prepare it with a mild steel wood going with the grain of the wood. Apply the furniture oil and let it soak into the wood for a good fifteen minutes.

Taking care of your wood furniture is not hard or costly and is well worth the effort when you see how stunning the end work is.