COVID-19 and Internships

COVID-19 has paved the way for the entire world to embrace a new normal, where the internet is an essential tool for us to thrive. From the food we eat, the medicine we need, the social life that we need to keep to stay sane and the entertainment we resort to when we are bored; it all depends greatly on the internet. 

The New Normal

Families are advised to opt for food delivery or purchase takeaway. Businesses that involve food and beverages have had resort to serving take-out and social distancing has become the norm to prevent cluster infections. Many employees across several industries have been asked to work from home and maximise the benefits and opportunities that the internet provides in this modern-day environment. This is to avoid crowding on the train, government offices and to avoid unnecessary exposure to the virus going to and from work. 

Needless to say, currently everything depends on the power of the internet to convey messages, host work calls, and do conduct general errands such as online payments of bills, taxes, and remittance. While school is starting to commence through online classes, internships are likely to adopt this method as well.

The Irony

Considering that the primary benefit of undergoing an internship is to gain experience, this may be the most affected element when it comes to the impacts of COVID-19. The actual environment of working side by side professionals and observing how they talk, walk, and operate is what will be extremely compromised. However, looking at it from the perspective that you will still be learning and gaining new skills during a remote internship is the best approach to follow. Unpaid internships in Australia are likely to be more common currently, rather than paid internships. 

The thing is, nobody saw COVID-19 coming, and it has been a challenge for all of us to cope with. Many oppose the idea of lockdown because they feel that it places too much economic pressure on business owners and the economy as a whole. 

Some industries have actually benefitted from the events of COVID-19. So, that being said, while some programs may be put on hold, others are flourishing. Any internship that surrounds creating content, writing, and programming will still be likely to go ahead.

Financial analysts, accountants, health care practitioners, and scientists continue to be in-demand. Therefore, if you want to gain work experience, these are the fields to look for. Behavioural science, psychology, and geriatrics are also thriving fields. Not to mention, the role research has in our daily lives now has tremendously changed. 

Nowadays, system engines are a modern encyclopedia. Questions that involve statistics, opinion, and unique feedback are available for us to read. This includes questions and answers such as; “How many people have access to the internet” and “What is the fastest route from the city to my location now?”.

The New Wave

What do these changes tell us? While internships in finance and business, retail, and entertainment may be less available during these unprecedented times, other opportunities may present themself. IT, journalism and computer engineering internships are on the rise. A movement to courses involving these is opening a lot of jobs to those who are keen.

COVID-19 may have put a lot of opportunities on hold because of the number of businesses that had to close down. On a positive note, it’s an awakening to how we can do business in the future. While challenges may be present due to the current situation, available internships will always present themself for those that are actively engaged and put the effort in.