How To Make An Annual Beauty Budget

budget for beauty

With the rise in the popular trend of minimalism,we can now see a growing awareness around sustainability and environmentally friendly products. Society has now got a spotlight on what we are spending on beauty, makeup and manicures. There was a study conducted in 2017, by OnePoll, which stated that the average woman spends $300 on her appearance per month. Now that doesn’t seem too bad, until you work out the annual cost of $3000 per year, give or take. Now that would be a big dint in someone’s bank account. It would definitely set my savings back quite a lot. Did you know that before you do your beauty budget for the year, you should try and see where you can cut back, without surrendering your favourite piece of makeup?

The common question is, how do women who love to look good stick to a beauty budget? One rule of thumb is only to buy the things you really want and – get this – stuff that you’ll actually use! 


Every woman will declutter her make up once in a while, leaving only what she truly likes. If you start by going through your makeup and sorting out the items in different piles: what you use daily, what you use for special occasions and the things you don’t like or don’t ever use. Now you should be left with the things that you use and are happy with. These can now be added to your annual budget.


You can set yourself off to a good start by doing the same thing for your hair. If you don’t need extra hair moisturisers or shampoos, then throw them out and don’t buy them anymore. If you don’t use hair gel, then throw it out. Start to understand the needs of your hair, so you know what products you do and don’t need. And remember to include any special occasion throughout the year, when you’ll likely book in a blow wave.  Now you can streamline your hair care budget. When it comes to haircuts, you still need to get a quality haircut every six weeks. But don’t fall for the idea that expensive haircuts are the best. The cheap local stylist working from home will most likely do the same job for a more affordable rate. Do your research and narrow down the stylist and see if you can cut the price down.  Once you find one with the right price, add that to the annual beauty budget.

Your skincare

It is now time to stop paying for those overpriced facials at the beauty salon. Are you aware that you can do the same thing at home? There are plenty of recipes for more natural ingredients to make your facials at home. From fresh fruit juice to honey and oils, there are so many you can experiment with and see what works for you. Quite likely, most of the recipes will have ingredients that you already have sitting in your pantry. You can do this with deep conditioners, lip gloss and even body scrubs with things like olive oil and raw sugar.

Manicures and nails

Time to remove the professional nail service from your budget. Go through the nail polishes you have at home and throw the ones you don’t use or don’t like then go and buy a few that you will use. If you want fake nails, you can purchase the kits, and it is easy to learn how to do them with the simple YouTube tutorial videos. Now you can change them up when you want and take away an extra cost from your annual beauty budget.

The budget system

Get yourself a nice container or money box and make a beauty budget system. Budget out how much you spend on beauty products and take that amount out of your paycheck every week, fortnight or month, whatever suits you. Put that money straight in the container and only use this when you want to buy beauty products.