Benefits of Taking a First-Aid Training Course

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We all know the importance of having a good education. But in addition to having a degree, there are other things we can do to further our personal and professional development.  I’m sure most of you have done summer internships or placements and taken courses to improve your CV. Having these extra lines on your resume makes the world of difference when you are looking for work. You can even consider applying for an international internship program. That way you are ready to get to work! 

Not every job is a dangerous one, yet it is important that you – as the employer – know that you are responsible for the safety of the employees that are in your workforce. A good way for employers to meet their obligations to the employees is to provide the staff with first aid training. Having staff members that are trained in first aid gives you many benefits, and not all of them are very obvious. 

Here are a few ways that employers and employees can benefit from first aid training:

There will be a faster response in case of an emergency 

When an emergency occurs, a fast employee who has first aid training can help to save lives. Employees that are trained in first aid will know the exact steps to take when the emergency arises, due to their increased preparation and confidence. Having that quick response can reduce the recovery time for the people involved in the accident – thus keeping your staff safer. 

Reduce accidents in the workplace with more awareness

First aid training can help people be more conscious of the safety around them which can lead to a lower number of injuries and accidents. If you minimize the risks around you and decrease workplace incidents, the work environment will be better and safer for everyone. 

Positive working environment

When employees undertake first aid training it shows them that you care about your staff having a safe environment. First aid training that is given in the workplace can be used as a team-building strategy and will thus help to boost morale.

Employees benefit greatly from those around them that are getting the first aid training as it means they are kept safer. Having your first aid training certificate can be a great benefit for employees in more ways than one – as it looks good on their resume once they are ready to leave your company.

First aid kits will be used the right way

People need to know how to use first aid kits properly and know exactly what should be kept in a first aid kit for it to be maintained properly. This means that when an emergency arises, the first aid kit can be used properly, which can save time and, again, reduce the impact of the injury. The first aid trainees need to know what is in their first aid kit, how to use the contents properly and the correct way to act in case of an emergency. By undertaking first aid training you become unofficial health and safety, risk manager.

You can increase patient comfort

Not all accidents, illnesses and injuries will require you to go to the hospital, but they can still cause suffering and pain to the patient. Knowing the right way to act and applying simple techniques, like applying hot and cold packs properly, can greatly relieve discomfort. You will also learn how to give emotional support and how to remain calm and collected in an emergency situation. This can reduce the anxiety levels in a patient and help them to feel more secure.

In some situations, if a patient doesn’t get first aid straight away – like stopping the bleeding – they can deteriorate fast. By providing basic first aid training you can help to stabilize your patient until they can get to a hospital. Did you know most things around your home can be used as first aid if needed? You will learn this too, so you can cope in situations where you may not have a first aid kit with you.